Theragun Pro Gen5 Review: The Best Massage Gun Yet?

2022-12-03 16:56:34 By : Mr. HengTe Yu

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Therabody recently overhauled its flagship Theragun Pro. We took it for a spin. Small Massage Gun

Theragun Pro Gen5 Review: The Best Massage Gun Yet?

Therabody has definitely cut its own corner out of the recovery category. From top-notch recovery boots to foam rollers, facial health and more, the brand knows how to help athletes achieve their best selves yet. Understandably, though, the brand is synonymous with massage guns and percussive therapy — highlighted by its flagship Theragun Pro silhouette.

Recently, Therabody unveiled a slew of new products and upgrades, including some key overhauls to the Pro profile. Boasting a quieter motor, new monitor and additional features, this new fifth-gen version is poised to be the best massage gun the consumer market has seen to date. But are all these upgrades worth the higher price tag (the elevation of which is another commonplace note when it comes to Therabody products)?

To find out, I swapped out my typical massage gun for the new fifth-generation Pro, highlighting key features including ease of use, noise and ergonomics. I also ran this latest Therabody recovery tool in tandem with its predecessor, the Gen4 Theragun Pro, to get a clearer understanding of just how noticeable each upgrade was. Did Therabody rewrite the standard for percussive therapy with this latest silhouette? Are the upgrades worth investing in? Here's what I found.

When you use an older Theragun, it's hard to tell whether you're using a recovery tool or a misplaced impact drill from your local auto body shop. These devices can get loud in a hurry, with the Pro lineup being the noisiest of all thanks to its larger motor.

Thankfully, though, the brand's updates to the all-new EQ-150 motor have definitely quieted each recovery session. While I won't say it's non-existent — you still hear a slight purr of the motor during use — the decibels have dropped significantly, especially when compared to the previous generation. When using the Gen5 Theragun Pro post-workout, I didn't have to worry about turning up the volume on my television or annoying passers-by in the gym. The hum was much more approachable, all while still packing up to 2,400 PPM at a 16-millimeter amplitude.

I've always enjoyed the Pro lineup due to its adjustable head and triangle-shaped ergonomics, so I was happy to see these features maintained with the latest generation. I will say, though, that older models felt a little bulkier in the hand, both in size and weight. While the heavier-in-hand mass did promote this sense that the tool was one of quality and performance, it did make painting over my sore muscles a bit of a chore after extended training sessions.

The new Gen5 Pro does keep a bit of the heft, but feels lighter in the hand when compared to the Gen4. Additionally, I also appreciated the brand's switch to the new OLED screen, which made toggling through the built-in routines much easier than previous models. I didn't feel the need to pair my device to my smartphone for a guided therapy session, which was plenty convenient when trying to get a recovery regimen in before heading home from the gym.

The Gen5 Theragun Pro does still include a removable lithium-ion battery offering 150 minutes of power. With that said, however, you get just one battery per device, as opposed to two with the Gen4. Granted, the latest Theragun Pro is now USB-C compatible for quicker charging times, but the added convenience of having multiple batteries did help alleviate any chances of an undercharged massage gun.

I do appreciate the fact that the Gen5 battery is still compatible with the charger stand, and multiple batteries are available for separate purchases, but it would have been nice to have thrown in an extra pack with this latest silhouette, especially since that was one of the main selling points behind previous generations.

According to the brand, the all-new Gen5 Theragun Pro comes equipped with a soft-shell case as part of Therabody's commitment to providing more eco-conscious packaging as we all continue to live more sustainable lives. While the carrying case does pack nicely in a gym bag due to its more compressible corners, there was a heightened sense of durability with the older hard case. (It could be that the old foam insert snugly held the massage gun in place when not in use, which is not the case with the new packaging.)

While I don't knock Therabody's decision to go with this more malleable packing per se, it is worth noting, especially for athletes accustomed to the snug fit of previous cases — or those particularly hard on their recovery gear. I will say, though, that the soft-shell carrying case does make it much easier to tote both the Theragun Pro and separate attachments pouch at once, albeit in a more oblong shape.

I'm thoroughly impressed by the upgrades Therabody made to its flagship percussive therapy device. The quiet motor is more appealing and approachable, the profile itself is easier to maneuver than ever, and the usability is further enhanced by the new, more descriptive OLED screen. It appears massage guns have a new mold to create from, thanks to the all-new Gen5 Theragun Pro.

Theragun Pro Gen5 Review: The Best Massage Gun Yet?

Muscle Gun Massager With all this testing, however, I did begin to harken back to the older Gen4 model; it's still a damn fine device in its own right. It's worth noting, too, that both the Gen4 and Gen5 supply the same speed ranges and amplitude, albeit at varying decibels. If you're someone that just wants power and performance over convenience, I would recommend looking at the Gen4 Theragun Pro — especially now since most are discounted to make room for the latest silhouette. Whichever model you choose, though, you can rest and recover assured that you're using one of the best massage guns on the market today.