Get Wrinkles Out of Any Type of Fabric With This $26 Portable Steamer

2022-06-15 14:31:06 By : Ms. Lyna Wong

Whether you’re heading into the office or going to a wedding, showing up with wrinkled clothes might not give off the best first impression. However, an easy solution to this situation is to iron or steam your clothes before wearing them. For those who want to avoid traveling with an iron (or prefer not to use hot metal tools in general), a steamer is a great alternative, and now there's a bestselling model on sale.

For a limited time on Amazon, you can get the Beautural portable steamer for just $26. The handheld device usually costs $40, but if you get it in aqua, you’ll be able to save 34 percent. The item also comes in blue and purple, but they’re currently priced at $33, so you'd only get up to $7 in savings.

With over 37,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on the site, the Beautural steamer is a go-to pick for many shoppers online, and it's the overall no.2 bestseller in its category on Amazon (the top spot belongs to the Conair Turbo Extreme fabric steamer, which at $56 and up, is significantly more expensive). Users of the Beautural steamer rave about how affordable it is even when it isn't on sale, as well as how small and lightweight the device is to hold and carry. “It does the job that the $200 steamers do, and because it's small, I can easily travel with it. It's made a lot like my Shark but isn't nearly as heavy and does a better job,” one customer wrote.

Additionally, even though you only get about 15 minutes of use out of one tank of water, it seems to be enough time for many customers. “I can steam three pairs of jeans and two long skirts without running out of water,” another reviewer wrote. Various shoppers also appreciate that the device has a lock button and will automatically shut off after eight minutes of inactivity.

When using the gadget, all you need to do is fill the almost 9-ounce tank with water, plug in the 8-foot power cord, press the on-off button, and let it heat up for 30 seconds. Once it’s ready to go, you’ll have about 15 minutes' worth of water supply, which you can use to steam your clothes until they're looking crisp and fresh. It’s also safe to use on all fabrics, including wool, silk, and cotton, plus you can use it on non-clothing items such as travel pillows, curtains, and even toys. You'll even get three attachments: a crease clip for pleats and folds, a lint brush, and a dust brush to help you look your best.

Ditch the old iron and check out the Beautural portable steamer while it's still on sale on Amazon.

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